Think Of Me.

I share a surname with Alice in wonderland and a personality with Galinda Upland. 👑

A degree in history and a masters in being addicted to musicals.

I'm the bitch with all the wicked, harry potter, dr who, frozen and various musicals tattoos 💗

I let musical theatre actresses draw on my legs and get it inked the next day

Life is painless for the brainless. 🌸

Anonymous asked: you're very very pretty

Aww thank you 😍🙌

g-lindas asked: Do you regret getting your tattoos, and are they painful?

I don’t regret any of my tattoos. I love them all 😘👑 And some places are worse than others 🙈

tardis-at-the-barricade asked: (anon from before) I'm seeing Kara in the second national tour in Toronto

That’s awesome! I think that’s the tour I saw in march! 💗😘 enjoy gorge! 👑🔮